Athletes – especially runners are much more prone to feet injuries as roads can be very unpredictable by nature. These runners develop typically stiff feet, and for many the reason for their problem is the wrong selection of shoes. To find the best women running shoes, one must have sound knowledge regarding the features and criteria that should be met.

The selection of the best women running shoes depends on the type of running program the athlete generally runs. If the runner is a lady who runs more than about 25 miles per week, then she actually needs a different type of shoe as compared to that used by women running a shorter distance.

The chief criterions that are to be considered while selecting the best women running shoes are how often you run in one week and what the maximum span of each run is. Based on these factors, runners can put special emphasis on the planning and selection of the best women running shoes.



There are lots of women running shoes in the market but the best women running shoes are the ones that are made by famous sports brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, New Balance, Skechers and Puma amongst others. The best women running shoes should primarily ensure safety and comfort followed by other factors like price, design, look, and color. The shoes selected should protect fatigued feet from accidental twists and other injuries.


Low quality shoes may lead to the runner developing sores in her feet that may lead to serious infection. Hence professional athletes never dare to comprise with quality. The full volume air sole that is expanded from the tip to the heel of the running shoes ensure the flow of cool air gives a complete feel of total comfort and allow the feet to breath.


The next most salient feature is the cushioning. Athlete shoes – especially when it is concerned with running – must be well cushioned. This generates an added degree of safety. The best women running shoes must also be lightweight, which gives the runner a burden free feeling while running.


If you are a serious runner, investing in a good pair of shoes is crucial. Inexpensive unheard of brands may look like their costlier counterparts but may not provide you with the durability and comfort of more expensive shoes. In order for low cost running shoes not leading you to total jeopardy, look for an expensive pair of shoes when they are on sale or on the clearance racks.

This way you’ll get a high quality shoes that has been marked down only because it was overstocked or had last seasons design.





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