Large Size Women’s Shoes for Taller Ladies

Here is a great solution for the taller women out there who have a difficult time find comfortable and good looking shoes. Famous companies have come up with wide and large size women’s shoes – not only with the formal and casual designs but also with attractive sports lines.

Large size women’s shoes are generally defined as a size above 10 U.S. There were days when it was really difficult to find a store that sold large size women’s shoes, but fortunately the scenario has changed a lot now. Purchasing shoes for women who use to hunt high and low for larger and wider shoes size, has become simpler today with the advent of the online shopping, things have become even easier.

Large Size Women’s Shoes and Online Marketing

Through online stores, large size women’s shoes have been found selling faster than ever before. is one of the best and online retailers that deals with the various styles and brands of large size women’s shoes.

There are a few other retailers that provide shoe-shopping services to their online customers and almost all these business have the guaranteed privacy regarding the personal information that is entered to their website. Women Shoes Plus, for instance, secures all the information of each and every customer by a S.S.L. (Secure Sockets Layer).

Other online shoes stores worth mentioning include, Zappos Shoes, Barefoot Tess, Cindrella Shoes and Lush Shoes that sell large size women’s shoes with varied range of designs, looks and texture. Among these sites Zappos has the largest selection of women shoe size of up to 14 U.S whereas can provide the large size womens shoes upto 15 U.S, although the range of selection is not as huge as that of Zappos.

Size Conversion

This is of utmost significance, especially for those women who prefer larger and wider shoes sizes, as if the fit is not good, everything else will be irrelevant. There is usually a shoe size conversion table that is available at most online shoe stores that ship their products to various parts of the world. This conversion table the women shoe size from the standard measure of one nation to that of the other nation. For instance, the 5 in Mexico gets converted to 5.5 in United Kingdom, 6.5 in Australia, 8 in Canada, 24 in Japan, 38.5 in Europe and 39.5 in China. Needless to say that consulting this conversion table is of high significance while making an online purchase of large size womens shoes.


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