Size 11 Womens Shoes for Bigger Feet!

Once in China, women tried to keep their feet as small as possible, for the reason of modesty; and would go to any extent to keep their feet small whether it be tying them with all sorts of fabrics and strings, or even metals. That was centuries and centuries ago, but fortunately shoe manufacturers now make extra large shoes to fit women with bigger feet, generally larger than a size 10 U.S.

If we talk about Size 11 women’s shoes, it is pretty common among modern American and European women, and a recent survey shows that almost 80% of the women with this shoes size do not face any problems finding the right shoe for their size. This is basically because almost all the shoe makers have the size 11 women’s shoes readily available and for certain brands there are exclusive stores where you can custom-order according to your size and taste.

Brand and makers

Certain makers usually only have bigger size shoes for men, but more and more manufacturers are acknowledging the need and based on the law of supply and demand, catering to the significantly large group of women who would otherwise find it difficult to get a shoe that fits perfectly.

Thus it would be advisable to go for size 11 women’s shoes from the makers of known brands because they are developing entire lines of shoes that specifically cater for bigger size feet, something which would usually pose trouble in normal shoe stores.

Some makers are nowadays also offering made-to-order customized shoes which are a good option if you are looking for size 11 women’s shoes. Most sites respond to queries promptly and even give you the option to custom order that size online and get it delivered to your home.

Many online and offline retailers have special promotions like buy one get one at half off which can lead to substantial savings. However, it is advisable to first try on a shoe brand in person and then place repeat orders online. Otherwise you may have to o through the hassle pf returning the shoes and at times even forgo your shipping costs.

Further, known brands of size 11 women’s shoes usually come with extra features such as extension straps, padding leveling and so on as they are targeted at those who have long toes, wide frontal feet or generally wider feet.


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