Are Wholesale Women’s Shoes Stores a True Bargain?

As women, we love shopping, we adore shoe shopping and we dote on shoe shopping at a bargain! However, are wholesale women’s shoes a true bargain or are such stores just misleading us with marketing gimmicks?

Buying Wholesale or Bulk

Usually buying more of any one product will reward the buyer with a discount or price reduction which usually works great if you truly consume that product intensely or if the product can be stored for a period of time in which you can consume it.

This concept works on most products of large consumption such as food items; however, it does not always work with clothes or shoes.

Wholesale Women’s Shoes

Buying shoes at wholesaler’s rate is great if you are a shoe storeowner and are stocking your store but, if you are a customer and are looking for a bargain, I am afraid here is not the place to be for good shoes.

Wholesale women’s shoes stores don’t really sell women’s shoes to individuals at wholesale rate unless:

* The shoes are damaged * The quality is poor and/or not up to the manufacturer’s standard and they discarded and/or discontinued the batch so, it will be put out at a wholesale price. * The initial buyer rejects the shoes.

In any of the above cases you don’t want to buy the shoes because you may not see a defect at the store but, after wearing them couple of times they may very well fall apart and discounted shoes usually do not come with any guarantee. You may have to throw them out, turning your bargain into a real waste of money

Beware of any wholesale women’s shoes store that sell shoes to individual customers also; ask them about their return policy and quality guarantee thus, if anything does go wrong you will have a back up.

EBay is another place where one can find great prices on shoes almost like buying at a wholesale women’s shoes store; here too make sure you read carefully the seller’s description and guarantees as well as return policy. Usually eBay is a very safe place to buy and sell if you want to sell some of your shoes.

Shoes are a woman’s pride and joy, we often go to great deal of pain to wear or acquire them; it’s a pleasure beyond words offering us comfort as well as self confidence when we wear a pair of our favorite shoes. Wholesale women’s shoes prices are great but don’t let that turn into a tragic experience by buying the wrong shoes.



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