Women’s Adidas shoes… Fulfill Your Sole.

In the world of shoes for women, Adidas has taken a strong hold in the market. With their many makes and styles available, they really have a lead when they started their women’s Adidas shoes line and continue to be a strong presence to this day.


No matter what you’re looking for, if you’re a lady than there are women’s Adidas shoes for you. You just have to know what you’re looking for as a quick visit to their website will reveal no less than 75 styles of shoes for every occasion and sport.

If you’re looking for something to wear when you’re going for the fast break on the basketball court than you can count on their Superstar 2G Light, a3 Specialist or Superstar 2G Ultra helping you along the way.

When you’re cranking out home runs on the softball diamond, you can do it while wearing women’s Adidas shoes such as the Excelsior or Fast Pitch TRX. Even volleyball players are serviced (pardon the pun) on the court with their line of Vuelo and Stabil 6 lines.

Maybe you’re not looking for something to carry you through the sports world. Maybe you’re looking for an easy going pair of women’s Adidas shoes. You’re covered there as well as Adidas has come up with a great line of casual wear. From the O-Flip sandals to the more rugged RT Quinalt line. These shoes will fit your every need.


Like every high market shoe manufacturer though, Adidas will fit most budgets. Their lower end shoes such as their sandals and flip-flops will generally run you somewhere around the lines of $10 to $25. Sales are always going on so don’t take any of the numbers given to you here as being set in stone as there is no such thing as a price set in stone in the world of retail after all.

The average price of a pair of women’s Adidas shoes though will run you somewhere around $65. Most of the women’s Adidas shoes in this range are your basic model cross training shoes. It’s when you start looking at specific sports and their functions that you’re going to start looking at the much wider price range.

For basketball players looking for a good pair of women’s Adidas shoes, you’re going to be looking at around $70 MSRP. These shoes will serve their purpose well though and help you get a good grip on the court. More specialized shoes such as the softball shoes though can run you into the $90 range. The Excelsior line of women’s Adidas shoes sport exclusive technology such as “adiPRENE® is an elastic material which responds to the cushioning needs of your moving foot. AdiPRENE® absorbs impact forces, providing superior cushioning and protection.” This is exclusive to womens Adidas shoes.


Many retailers in your area will be able to assist you with finding the right pair of women’s Adidas shoes for you but if you know exactly what you want. You can visit the website directly at: http://www.shopadidas.com and get the pair of women’s Adidas shoes that are right for you.


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