Some tips for buying Women’s Bowling Shoes

Bowling is a fun game, for all ages and any gender, regardless of body strength; this sport has become a hobby nowadays, among both genders. For this sport, basically there is no specific attire or anything, but usually if you go to a bowling alley, the only attire they would require is bowling shoes. This is because your feet are the most vulnerable to slip while preparing to bowl and thus it is important to have proper bowling shoes.

Adults and children are both required to wear bowling shoes, however, it is not very simple to shop for women’s bowling shoes as there are many aspects to consider and know before doing so.

Designs and Colors

Many women’s bowling shoes are made of very good rubber or other material and fabric, and besides they have micro fiber slide soles on the shoes, as well as flat rubber heels for a consistent slide.

Most makers of these shoes make really great ones; nowadays with so much focus into designing to ensure full protection of the feet of the wearer, the resistance against aging and resistance against enormous amount of pressure applied.

Not stopping there, the variety of colors of women’s bowling shoes, especially the favorite ones are available everywhere as well. Ranging from ‘cool’ colors such as black, cream, metallic blue, grey, silver, and platinum to ‘cooling’ colors such as white, blue, pink, purple and others, these women’s bowling shoes look great from both near and far.

Besides that, some shoes are also made of leather, and they come with superb designs with fabric lined upper layers, and cushioned sock linings.

Reasonable Pricing

These athletic women’s bowling shoes are full of great features, but that does not make the manufacturers charge a very high price. If you browse thorough various websites that sell these shoes, you will discover that most of them don’t go beyond $180, and on average, they are all less than $50, which is so affordable.

Some extra features in these women’s bowling shoes such as raised rubber heels that will enhance braking control may be a reason for the expensive ones, but if you want to start up with the basic bowling practice, you would not need such expensive ones.

If you are still undecided as to whether you want to take up the sport regularly, you could just rent bowling shoes from the bowling alley for a nominal fee.


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