Are Women’s Designer Shoes worth Their Price Tag?

Women have had a passion for shoes since the existence of shoes and they have gone to great extent to acquire, match and fit into a pair that was fashionable or they happen to fancy. However, are women’s designer shoes worth their hefty price tag?

History of shoes

There is clear evidence that shoes are one of the first things man invented in order to protect his/her feet from cold, rough paths or excessive walking. Backs then, the shoes were very simple; a strong sole and some straps would be all the man needed. In due course that changed, as did everything else, and shoes became an enhancement to one’s clothes; it added glamour and prestige to the wearer.

To provide kings, queens and other such noble people with quality shoes, specialized shoemakers sprouted up and made custom shoes of desired quality by order. As shoes wear out there was always plenty of work to encourage their existence; as women got more and more interested in shoes, matching them to the dresses they wore or the occasion, the demand grew as well.

The shoemakers soon had earned a good reputation depending on the quality of work they provided; those with great abilities and good value for the money gained a name. The shoes that they produced soon were known after them as their mark or design and thus, designer shoes were born.

Women’s Designer Shoes

Women’s designer shoes today offer by their brand name the following:

* Quality * Durability * Elegance * Style

Women’s designer shoes will always cost more then men’s designer shoes and the reason is that men generally do not purchase shoes as often as women do; however, some women’s designer shoes will cost considerably more then the others, the reason for that is their popularity.

Its good to keep in mind that above all the mentioned benefits that you get by buying designer shoes the one that counts the most is uniqueness. Women’s designer shoes set the tread of the season; you are likely to be the very first person to wear a particular bold style that a designer has just launched. Most of the times it turns out to be a success and you are a winner.

So, to answer the question - are women’s designer shoes worth their price tag – yes, every penny of it! Enjoy your shoes and the designer’s brand!








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