Finding a Pair of Women’s Easy Sprint Shoes

Shoes have certainly come a long way since man was strapping pieces of leather to his feet. Athletic shoes have become a billion dollar market and part of this market is women’s easy sprint shoes - athletic shoes for those women who want to stay active and physically fit. Some of these shoes will run into hundreds of dollars, but the question is do you really need to spend that much though?

What Do You Need Them For?

There are shoes for every type of occasion imaginable and the athletic department is no exception. If you were to walk into any athletic shoe store you will see shoes for every single sport and in order to narrow it down, you’re going to need to know what you need the shoe for.

The first step in this is to figure out how often you are going to use them and for what occasions are you going to need them. If you are looking for a general athletic shoe that you can go jogging in and occasionally hit other surfaces, a pair of cross country women’s easy sprint shoes would be a good choice.

If you are looking for something that is more specific such as for basketball or other sports, you’ll want to look at shoes for those in particular. While it seems that this would be very common knowledge and even common sense, shoe technology has come a long way and you need to be aware of what shoe will be right for your sport and your feet. Figure out what parts of your foot need the most support, which ones will breathe easiest around your feet and which size you need to look at.

Compare and Contrast

There are many brands and companies that create women’s easy sprint shoes and so it can be a daunting choice when you are buying your first pair. Do you go with Nike, Adidas or Puma? All of these are reputable brands with a strong following but they also have hefty price tags.

Prices can vary from the very cheap to the very expensive. A quick search reveals that the cheapest pair of women’s easy sprint shoes that I could find was a pair of Nike Women's Zoom W which was specifically designed for medium and long distance track runners. This pair of women’s easy sprint shoes would appear appropriate for women who were looking for a good running shoe and didn’t want to pay a huge price tag. The price I found for these were an inexpensive $9.99 (marked down from $69.99 however).

On average, shoes that weren’t marked down heavily due to a sale or clearance however generally ranged in the $40-$50 range.

In the same search, in an effort to get a good range nailed down, we came across the most expensive pair of shoes that I could find. After I managed to sort out shoes that were specifically geared towards activities and sports such as mountain climbing (if you’re looking for shoes that are geared towards climbing a mountain I would hope that you would be willing to spend the extra money), I came across a pair of women’s easy sprint shoes that cost $257.95 called Bikkembergs Ihil9.

The point to be made here is that with athletic shoes it’s very easy to be led into the line of thought that the more expensive something is, the better it is. While this is true of many items in the world, this does not always apply to shoes.

Before shelling out money for a pair of women’s easy sprint shoes make sure that you are judging the cost versus how much you are actually going to use them. If it’s not an even ratio, find a pair with a price tag that is manageable


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