How to Pick Women’s Formal Dress Shoes

It is a well known fact that women (in general) adore shoes; well, that has nothing to do with the ability to pick and choose the right shoes to match your outfit or the right women’s formal dress shoes.

Formal Wear and Women’s Formal Dress Shoes

Formal dress is not an everyday event – one dresses formal on special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, Christmas dinner, a formal party/reception and/or special dinner/lunch events, which have specified the dress code.

Depending on the function implies the nature of the formal wear, for example a black tie dinner party requires formal but smart formal wear such as a black dress just below or just above the knee with a jacket to match and black women’s formal dress shoes.

Here are a few tips to consider when looking for women’s formal dress shoes: First is the type of party; there is a big difference between Christmas dinner at home with the family and Christmas dinner at the Plaza with the board or directors of your company. Secondly is the dress; the formal dress that you will be wearing will have the biggest influence on your shoes, from the material to the design and print, everything must be taken into consideration.

Women’s formal dress shoes should always have heels; never under any circumstances wear flat shoes to a formal party. You may match shoes according to the dress fabric, for instance if the dress is made out of satin it would be a perfect match to get shoes with satin top; however leather shoes go well with every fabric.

A common mistake made by many women when buying women’s formal dress shoes is they get a pair of black shoes to go with everything; try to get colorful shoes for real impact. An easy way to co-ordinate is to match the shoe color with accessories like a purse, belt, or jewelry. Or match according to the style of the dress, for example if the dress is retro, modern or antique, one can choose shoes to match.

Another thing to keep in mind is the embellishments to your dress, for example if your dress has sequins, getting shoes that will draw attention to the added flare to this dress will make your outfit great. Women’s formal dress shoes are not easy to buy, knowing the right shoes to buy comes with practice.


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