Women’s Golf Shoes – A Development in Comfort Technology

Gone are those days when women’s golf shoes had to be copied from the men’s golf footwear lines insofar the appearance and look are concerned. With more women playing professional golf and now a women’s PGA tour, more and more ladies are taking to the sport which was once dominated by men for many centuries.

However, just like fashion is rapidly changing, so is the comfort technology. The renowned shoe manufacturing companies – especially the three giants, Adidas, Footjoy and Nike, have come up with the women’s golf shoes with some great designs and looks -- very transcendental, very trendy and very stylish.

With the passage of time there has been a noticeable improvement in the grade of the comfort technology. The open-heel design for the women’s golf shoes that allows every step to breathe cool fresh air is really a technology worth mentioning.

Among the hundreds of the designs from the various companies, Nike’s “Ladies SP5” is the king of the kings in the aspect of women’s golf shoes and joggers. The “Ladies SP5” has been designed in a latest and unique technology known as “traction at contact” (T@C) that increases the durability and makes it as light as almost a feather. More over the Low Profile (LP) Scorpion Spikes are smart enough to grip the ground firmly without bringing bit damage to the grass.


Women’s Golf Shoes—Online Business

The modern fashion of business has also changed to a great extent, maintaining a nice parity with the change in the fashion and lifestyle. There are many online and offline retailers that provide detailed catalogs which have in-depth information regarding women’s golf shoes manufactured by the various companies specializing in this field.

Almost all of them have facilities to ship them up to your doorstep. Golf Shoes Plus is such an online shoe trader that sells the almost all sorts of sport shoes including the women’s golf shoes from various esteemed brands like Nike, Adidas, Footjoy, Callaway, Dexter, Her Sandbagger etc.

EBay is another well known online business center that advertises and market almost anything and everything needed in life - and the hence women’s golf shoes too is no exception. These sites sells quality women’s golf shoes and other sports footwear made of premium quality calfskin with full high quality leather lining to promote a feel of ultimate comfort and flexibility.


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