Women’s Narrow Shoes; For Those Who Prefer Slender Fashion

Women with slim legs and feet are usually not fond of loose and big shoes, and even if they are, they don’t usually go for the ones with the wide openings or wide fronts, according to research. But this research leaves us without giving us a reason as to why it is so? Many people say it is out of modesty, and the others says it may be a fashion; what ever the reason may be, one thing is for sure; women’s narrow shoes are a big hit nowadays!

Women’s narrow shoes are not something that is new to the fashion industry; in fact it has existed for a long time, dating back to the 12th century in the east, specifically in China. Women in China in those days wore really narrow shoes, even to extent of compressing their feet; for the reason of modesty. The narrower their feet get as they grow older, the more modest they would be considered, and this was believed to lead to a better marriage life.

Nevertheless, this concept differs much for the reason of why women’s narrow shoes are famous nowadays. A more accurate reason could be fashion, simply liking the look of these kinds of shoes. Women are very much fond of buying narrow shoes, but most of them get disappointed after a few months because they are uncomfortable before they are fully worn in and cause severe damage to their feet at first. Here are some tips when you are buying these types of shoes:


When buying shoes, the first thing you should check on is the interior padding, the support, the base cushion pad and the interior surface type. This depends on your skin type and your feet structure. The surface that touches your skin has to be of good quality and well cushioned, to ensure that your skin is not damaged, and the shoe does not suffocate your feet.

Height and Heels

Women’s narrow shoes come in various types and designs, one of which is high-heel narrow shoes. This type of shoe is basically a simply narrow shoe, with an addition of a heel, usually from ½ inch to 2 inches. Higher than this, especially the ones with 4 inches are very painful for certain wearers, and if you have a problem with shoe comfort, you must be careful when choosing such a shoe.


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