Women’s Platform Shoes; an Alternative to Common Heels

Designer shoes are something that women would crave and what could be better than being offered sexy women’s platform shoes. Styles, colors and embellishments on these shoes vary a great deal. Most of the women’s platform shoes sizes and measurements differ from normal or average shoe sizes which come in sizes such as 8 and 9 for casual or formal wear and so on.

The women’s platform shoes are mostly found in various malls and stores, and even better, some of these shoes are customizable by the buyer. On the more exclusive end, some independent shoemakers are willing to put effort in creating a boutique-based shoe design, which basically means each one is custom-made. Ready to ware varieties are less costly and widely available. What is really behind what makes women’s platform shoes so appealing? Platforms are easier to walk in then high heels. The foot is more balanced.

Exotic Designs

These platform shoes are different from any other form of formal, dressy shoes, such the prom shoes, the bridal shoes, stilettos, boots, and so on. They come with exotic colors and designs that make people turn and look in envy.

Some famous ones such as Madonna’s platform shoes and the Misty wood platform shoes are of exotic finishing and designs. They are made with the maximum amount of effort and quality. The interior of these shoes are very soft and come with thick soft padding at the base to keep the feet comfortable at all times, despite the fact that they have very high heels.

Sexy women’s platform shoes come in various shades and patterns, which would include black suede, camel suede, mahogany, beach, and many more, and most of them also have combination of colors and designs to make them look really exotic, exciting and original.

As said before, the sizes of these shoes are measured differently in comparison to other types of shoes. Basically the number value which indicates the size of the shoe is generally smaller, such as 2, 3, and 3 ½ and so on.


The appeal that these shoes give is unbeatable, because there is just so much effort put into the design combinations for the shoes. Some of them are made of exclusive leather and look gothic, and some others are made of expensive fabric and look stylish. The combinations of design and styles are endless.


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