Are Women’s Shoes Necessities or Impulse Buy?

Many people view women’s shoes as a representation of their personality and life. Most of us buy shoes on impulse because we like them not because it is a necessity item; of course there are those few occasions when women’s shoes are a necessity for a specific occasion or purpose such as sports shoes or formal wear shoes.

Shoes and Their Initial Use

Since the existence of man, all human’s sought some type of protection for their feet; feet needed to be protected from cold, wind, dirt and rough terrain in order to be able to walk and take the feet bearer places. The first shoes were just plain foot protection; just basics were involved such as a good, solid sole and straps that would hold one’s foot in the shoe.

Women however changed the meaning of shoes by making them pretty and elegant; women’s shoes evolved quickly, and became the essential accessories in fashion. It is the one item, besides diamonds, that women never seem to have enough.

Women’s Shoes Parts

A shoe is made of many parts, which contribute, to its comfort, quality and durability. Here are a few some of them:

Sole is the bottom of shoe that supports the wearer; this is the part that has to be the strongest and is usually made of several layers put together.

Insole is the interior bottom of the shoe, which has the foot directly resting on it; many shoes come with replaceable insole, which allows the wearer to replace it as required.

Upper cover – most shoes have an upper (also known as vamp) cover but some women’s shoes have just straps; these uppers protect the foot from air, weather, cold and any such other agents.

Heel – One of the most important parts of women’s shoes, often this part is separate from the shoe itself and can be replaced if need be. The heel in a shoe is purely for fashion purpose to increase the height of the wearer.

Women’s shoes come in many types from casual to sportswear and from daily wear to formal wear shoes; if there is an occasion there will be a pair of women’s shoes to match it. A woman’s desire and passion for shoes is never satisfied no matter how many shoes she already has; it is a source of happiness to look, wear and purchase shoes at any time of the day or night.




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