Work Hard and Play Harder in Your Women’s Steel Toe Shoes

The days of only men wearing their rugged steel toed boots to the factory are long gone. Steel toed boots are not only made for both men and women, they’re made for work and play. Women’s steel toe shoes are just as rugged as men’s and most of the time look a whole lot better too.

For Work

Women’s steel toe shoes for work are made in all sorts of sizes and styles, depending on what kind of work you’re looking to accomplish in them. Most styles today will actually cross the line between work and play and will serve you well in both. A prime example a pair of women’s steel toe shoes that will cross this line is a pair of Mindy Steel-Toe Work Sho, which looks like a pair of hiking shoes but has that added steel toe for keeping you safe and comfortable on the work site.

Another great example of work meeting play in the women’s steel toe shoes department would be the Sketchers Work Women's Blazer. This pair of shoes might look sleek but hidden inside is technology geared towards electrostatic-dissipative which means it’s built for comfort, fashion and protection.

For Play

When you’re out and taking on those rocky ridges or just heading out for a long walk, a pair of Carolina Women's Flex Steel Toe Oxford will serve you well though if you’re looking for a strong pair of women’s steel toe shoes, you could also look at the Nautilus Women’s Steel Toe Brown Hiker & Work Style Boots, which will give you plenty of comfort and room without any worries about leaking.

If you’re going to be constantly on the go or you’re just going to need that extra support for what’s sure to be a very athletic day, than you’ll want to take a closer look at these pair of women’s steel toe shoes. The Sketchers Energy Vexed are breathable and provide lots of room for your foot to move around without any worries about your toes being crushed by either someone’s foot or something heavy coming down unexpectedly. This particular pair of women’s steel toe shoes has been getting some rave reviews from consumers all over the country.

In the end it doesn’t really matter if you’re going to be using your women’s steel toe shoes for work, play or a little bit of both. What matters most is that they do the job that they are intended to do, that means that they are going to support your feet, allow for breathing room and keep your toes safe from damage and breaking!


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