Women’s Tennis Shoes; Some Important Facts

Women of this new millennium are multifaceted and on the go. Corporate and career women are in fact very much outside their house most of the time. Besides work, they are involved with various other outdoor activities such as tennis, boating, martial arts and so on.

Tennis is a popular and lovely game among urban women. Among the most important things that are necessary for playing tennis is the correct tennis shoe. Women’s tennis shoes are basically similar to men’s, the only difference being the weight of the shoes. Women’s tennis shoes are slightly lighter than men’s shoes.

Mostly women’s tennis shoes are made by professional and famous tennis shoe makers such as Adidas, Nike, Power, Reebok, New Balance and others. They are as light as feather, for easy running and catching of the ball on the court. These shoes are very flexible in nature, for ease of use in the sport.


Technology is a very important aspect when it comes to tennis shoes. Women’s tennis shoes, in the present day, are very biological, meaning that they respond to the wearer biologically, and this response is extremely important to the player, especially women, who have thinner legs generally than man. Certain brands suggest that every movement is precisely calculated by their shoes. Expensive brands like Adidas have come up with very good shoes that have a chip inside them, which processes the movements made by the wearer and adjusts the pressure application accordingly, thus protecting both the wearer’s feet and the shoe as well at the same time. Not stopping there, this technology heightens the performance of the player as well.


This aspect comes in second, after the technology, because what matters when you are playing the sport is not how attractive your shoe is, but how co-operative it is with you. Only if the shoe is good, you can basically perform well. A good tennis shoe should work well with running, jumping and so on.

Beauty is also important; it affects a player’s attractiveness. For example, a player with a branded or exclusive tennis shoe will be will influence fans’ willingness to buy the same bran. Beauty, in relation to women’s tennis shoes, is not limited to exterior, but also is related to the interior. The finishing, the base, the padding and support, the fabric or material used all will affect the attractive of the shoe.


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