Womens Wedge Shoes; Sometimes You Just Need an Extra Wedge

Men sure have it easy sometimes. Take shoes for instance, all my life I’ve just gone out and bought shoes, all I cared about is that they fit. Never once did I worry about things like width or wedges, but in that time, a world of shoes has grown around me and now here I am writing about women’s wedge shoes.

Women’s Wedge Shoes?

So what is a wedge shoe? If you own a pair I’m assuming you know how to describe one, but what about the rest of us who have feet that are more square-shaped than wedge-shaped? In that case, here’s a quick primer for you: wedge shoes are shoes that have a large wedged-shaped sole that rests under the food. Not every wedge shoe is a heel though; there are many styles now, from heels to flats. It’s not the heel that defines the shoe; it’s the shape and style.

What Are The Pros Of Wearing a Pair Of Women’s Wedge Shoes?

Besides getting that extra little bit of height without having to sacrifice the safety of your ankles with very narrow heels (which I sympathize with, don’t ask me why or how but I do), these shoes are also very trendy and fashionable. They go great with just about any skirt, dress, or outfit and have a slimming effect on ankles and legs.

What’s Hot in Women’s Wedge Shoes?

I consulted the experts on this one. What and who is hot in the world of women’s wedge shoes- surely there must be some that stand out above all the others in terms of comfort and style? The first name that came to mind for the experts when it came to women’s wedge shoes was Steve Madden, who has designed some rather fabulous looking wedges called Pacha. These shoes come in earth tones, in terms of color, giving them versatility, as they can be matched with pale or vibrant colors. The can be worn causally or conservatively.

Another name that came to mind rather quickly when queried on this topic was BCBGirls Prissy. These women’s wedge shoes have a four inch heel and consumers rave about the comfort and style of the shoes. Since color options are black or chocolate, there is sure to be an outfit in your closet that these will look great with these shoes when heading out for a summer evening with friends.


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