Comfortable Women’s Wide Shoes are now Back in Style

A famous saying is that women will suffer to be beautiful and in most cases this is true; take shoes for example, in order to be in style one needs to wear high heels, narrow pointy sleek shoes that your feet get squeezed in and are not comfortable, but most of the times a women will wear them anyway, knowing it is worth it- sometime fashion is better than function.

Women’s Wide Shoes

As far as shoes goes, there is good news – women’s wide shoes are back in style; that is absolutely right, the shoe styles that I remember my grandmother wearing when I was young are back in, and with them, the added comfort to your feet.

Women’s wide shoes should have never gone out of style to start with; they are as classic as the pointy shoes but with the advantage that one’s foot can fit in and be comfortable for hours on end.

Women’s wide shoes come with square or round front to match every outfit. Square fronts are typically for office outfits, as they come typically with a square heel as well; the round fronts match very well with skirts or dresses and sometimes they will have square heels but mostly pointy classic heels will accompany this type of shoe. Both types of women’s wide shoes offer great comfort to the feet due to their design.

Helpful Tips

If you work mostly standing, you should wear comfortable shoes, such as women’s wide shoes, in order to protect your feet, and subsequently, health. Women in general have low blood pressure, which translates into bad circulations in limbs such as feet and hands. If you experience cold feet often when in optimum temperatures, you may have bad blood circulation.

In order to improve your blood circulation, wear comfortable shoes such as women’s wide shoes if you are standing for long periods of time; also at the end of such days try and lift your legs on couple of pillows, which will regulate your blood circulation. Women are never going to give up on classy pointy shoes that literarily kill our feet; let’s face it, some formal dresses will never look good with anything else. However, we should do all that is possible in order to protect our feet from any further suffering, whenever we can. Now that women’s wide shoes are in style there is no excuse not to wear uncomfortable shoes.



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